What If You Could Live Pain Free & Heal In Your Home??

I hope you're having an amazing weekend!! I am so excited to be offering this option to my wellness center & for anyone who wants one for themselves!  I still will be offering Biofeedback in office and at a distance, this is for in-home daily use that will accelerate your healing in between sessions with me. 

It has been said that healing is voltage. Inventors were experimenting with frequency as medicine back in the early 1900’s until those technologies got squelched.

The principle is this: the transport of matter into and out of the cell functions by a kind of magnetically controlled valve mechanism. The voltage potential, i.e., the difference between the voltage inside the cell and the voltage between the cells, is responsible for healthy (physiological) cell metabolism.

HEALY increases ATP production by up to +500%, amino acid transport by up to +40% and protein synthesis by up to +70%. This defines HEALY as a reload for fitness and strength training also that is truly unique. Regeneration after exercise is up to +800% faster than without the use of HEALY frequency therapy.

This mechanism explains why frequencies can be applied for many different purposes and disorders.

Helps with:

 - Bodily discomfort  - Fibromyalgia  - Migraines  - Depression  - Anxiety  - Sleep disorders  - Promoting well-being  - Strength & fitness  - Balance

 - Inner Healing 

 - Restoring cellular communication and balance due to autoimmune or cancer - SO Many others

Healy Frequency Healing


Healy is a device developed in Germany based on the technology of their sister company called TimeWaver. The Germans are known for their advanced technologies in integrative technologies such as this. This device has been used by practitioners in 20 countries for the last 16 years, and it was always the desire of Marcus Schmieke, the founder, to get this technology into the hands of more people to not only heal the physical but to help raise consciousness around the globe.

The recent advent of the technology available in smart phones and the storage capacities to store the huge database of 144,000 frequencies in the medical cloud has enabled the Timewaver capabilities to be sized down into a personal-sized wearable device known now as the Healy, just two years ago. The company was waiting to get FDA clearance as a Class II medical device in the US, which it just attained in May of 2020.  You are one of the first to know!

Technically, Healy was cleared as “a microcurrent medical de­vice that has only been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for local relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and musc­le soreness due to overexertion”…. And yet it has profound implications for providing bioenergetic support of what the body needs to create vitality in not just the physical, but the mental, emotional and even spiritual realms! 

The essence of the Healy Resonance device is that it can scan various electrical frequencies that are going on in the body, identify deficiencies and transmit individualized frequencies to provide relief and support. We all know that the electrical activity of the brain and heart can be measured and evaluated for abnormalities. This device is sensitive enough to measure electrical activity on the cellular level.

Here are a couple of short videos to give you a little more insight into this breakthrough technology:

… and if you are really up for a talk about how Healy bridges the levels of the physical and consciousness, here is an excellent talk by Marcus Shmieke, Creator and founder of Time Waver and Healy

You can learn more & order it HERE

This IS HUGE friend!! This medical device is able to locate and pinpoint a cellular frequency issue in your body!!

After pinpointing the issue, the device is able to determine an exact set of programmed frequencies for that specific imbalance.  

The next step is applying the correct frequency and getting a person's biological systems back into balance.  

The device can be carried in a pocket or was wearable. The best part....the price IS affordable!!

This device was complementary and integrative with the other beneficial things you are doing to maintain great health and longevity. 

To view this device and more functions please visit this website

Additionally feel free to email me/text 209-643-2584 or

️If you have any other questions on how to get this into your hands to heal daily from home, I am here to help!! There are several different options for every single budget and exactly what I love about this!



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