Tamiflu? Just say, no!

⛔️BLACK BOX WARNING: "People, especially children can develop nervous system problems and abnormal behavior that can lead to death."

⛔️Very limited studies have been done to show Tamiflu is safe for children. The few studies that have been done were established on a SINGLE dose, not the entire treatment.

⛔️Tamiflu should not be prescribed for children under the age of one per the package insert (and yet I've had multiple mothers reach out to me to say they were instructed to give Tamiflu to their NEWBORNS.) The package insert states: “Safety and efficacy of TAMIFLU for treatment of influenza in pediatric patients less than 2 weeks of age have not been established. Safety and efficacy of TAMIFLU for prophylaxis of influenza have not been established for pediatric patients less than 1 year of age."

⛔️Severe allergic reactions to Tamiflu include: "anaphylaxis and serious skin reactions including toxic epidermal necrolysis, Stevens-Johnson Syndrom, and erythema multiforme."

⛔️Other adverse reactions from Tamiflu, per the package insert from the FDA website include: Serious skin and hypersensitivity reactions, Neuropsychiatric, rhinorrhea, dyspepsia, upper respiratory tract infections, epistaxis, ear disorder, conjunctivitis, Pneumonia.

⛔️People who have completed Tamiflu have reported:

"Body as a Whole: Swelling of the face or tongue, allergy, anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reactions, hypothermia

Dermatologic: Rash, dermatitis, urticaria, eczema, toxic epidermal necrolysis, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome,

erythema multiforme.

Digestive: Hepatitis, liver function tests abnormal

Cardiac: Arrhythmia

Gastrointestinal disorders: Gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic colitis

Neurologic: Seizure

Metabolic: Aggravation of diabetes

Psychiatric: Abnormal behavior, delirium, including symptoms such as hallucinations, agitation, anxiety, altered

level of consciousness, confusion, nightmares, delusions."

⛔️When Tamiflu was tested on pregnant rabbits: "In the rabbit study, slight and marked maternal toxicities were observed, respectively, in the 150 and 500 mg/kg/day groups. There was a dosedependent increase in the incidence rates of a variety of minor skeletal abnormalities and variants in the

exposed offspring in these studies."

⛔️Japan has banned Tamiflu for it's fatal outcomes.

⛔️It cuts symptoms by one day (supposedly) but can potentially cause all of the above? No thank you.

FDA Database:


"Review of the available information on the safety of Tamiflu in pediatric patients suggests that the increased reports of neuropsychiatric events in Japanese children are most likely related to an increased awareness of influenza-associated encephalopathy, increased access to Tamiflu in that population, and a coincident period of intensive monitoring adverse events. Based on the information available to us, we can not conclude that there is a causal relationship between Tamiflu and the reported pediatric deaths."

"Her family says doctors sent her home Tuesday with medicine to treat the flu and strep throat. Hours later, she suffered cardiac arrest, became unresponsive and was flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital."

Let's further discuss Tamiflu.

Starting with the ingredients- Tamiflu 75mg Capsules Contain:

Black iron oxide (E172)

Croscarmellose Sodium

FD and C Blue 2 (indigo carmine, E132)




Pregelatinised maize starch

Red iron oxide (E172)


Sodium Stearyl Fumarate


Titanium dioxide (E171)

Yellow iron oxide (E172)

Tamiflu 12mg/ml Oral Suspension


Saccharin sodium (E954)

Sodium benzoate (E211)

Sodium dihydrogen citrate (E331 (a))

Sorbitol (E420)

Titanium dioxide (E171)

Tutti Frutti flavour

Maltodextrins (maize)

Propylene glycol

Arabic gum (E414)

Natural identical flavouring substances(mainly consisting of banana, pineapple and peach flavour)

Xantham gum (E415)

Prescription Medicine Interactions

The following medicines may interact with Tamiflu:




If you're not bothered by the ingredients alone, read these:









*******In Japan, the Tamiflu label warns that delirium, hallucination, delusion, disturbances in consciousness, abnormal behavior and convulsions may occur in children who take the drug.*******

☀ Instead try Vitamin D!

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