Have you heard of bio resonance?

“I highly recommend a bio resonance scan. Non invasive & safe for even babies. Will test for many things like cancer, thyroid, adrenals, virus bacteria, genetic markers & monitor closely. It will then fix the problem!!

My daughter had a swollen lymph & turned out to be a parasitic viral infection (specifically from a cat) but this modality, used a safe non invasive metatherapy, told us what herbs & homeopathics she needed to get rid of it & it resolved in 4 weeks. Western medicine wanted her to have an mri 🙄 I passed & went this route. Highly recommend!!”

Bio-Resonance Health Scan

Are you tired, have trouble sleeping, frequently ill or wanting to improve your health without being dependent on RX?

Our biofeedback & therapeutic device, can help support your optimal health. Thanks to Bioscan technology, Bio-resonance analysis & therapy is possible for the human body.

Bio-resonance provides a non-invasive & safe health check for the following systems

⚫️Cardiovascular system- Heart and blood

⚫️Resipratory system- Airways

⚫️Gastro-intestinal tract- Digestion

⚫️Urogenital system- Reproductive organs and urinary

⚫️Musculoskeletal system- Muscles

⚫️Endocrine system- Glands and hormones

⚫️Visual & hearing - Eyes and ears

⚫️Nervous system - Brain, spine and nerves.

Finds weaknesses & abnormalities on a cellular level

Makes a custom remedy for your concerning area.

Bio-resonance recognizes

⚫️Bacteria, Fungi, Virus & Parasites

⚫️Blood components, malignancies, hormones & enzymes

⚫️Allergens & environmental toxins

Bio-resonance provides therapy support to return to homeostasis by

👉🏼Delivering Meta-Therapy balancing treatments

👉🏼Checking energetic compatibility with homeopathics, herbs, essential oils & supplements

👉🏼Using the external chamber to test current supplements or items taken daily.

👉🏼Comparing previous scans & results

On a daily basis we have an increasing number of environmental stresses & pathogens, many have become resistant to antibiotics. Parasites for example, have been known to cause many of the conditions that people suffer with & our pets can also have this & transfer to humans.

Modalities such as Bio-resonance have been used for years to eliminate these invaders without the use of drugs. In addition, bio-resonance has supported many cancer patients, along with conventional treatment, with ground breaking results. Bio-resonance has even been effective in cases such as those suffering from depression & addiction. All cells, parts of the body, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins, etc. emit frequencies or energy waves. Bio-resonance Technology is made up of hardware that can detect these frequencies at the cellular & tissue level.

As more people see & hear the success stories associated with bio-resonance, more & more therapists/doctors, are turning to this effective and non-invasive complementary modality.

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