Segregation & singling out normal, healthy families

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

What's ZERO, you may ask? Well, ill let you in on a little secret....


How many side effect ridden RX my family of 6 is on....0!!

How many times I grab for an OTC medicine from a pharmacy....0!!

How many times our family has been sick this year (not counting a mild runny nose, or mild cough.)....0!!

How many times my children have been on antibiotic in the past 5 years....0!!

How many times we have been hospitalized for an illness....0!!

How many chronic illnesses we have....0!!

How many chronic ear infections, gastro issues, reflux, bladder disorder, allergies, breathing difficultlies, asthma, psoriasis or eczema we have.

I’m not pointing this out to dismiss or offend those who unfortunately have these issues. I want to normalize wellness.

I think it’s important to point these things out, normalize what health should look like & pay homage what an amazing immune system we were born with. It was made for this & when we support our body with foundational health & natural modalities we set it up for success.

It’s unconstitutional that families like this are being segregated, put om some list as a "global health treat" & demonized.

Why aren’t we asked for suggestions about we do or what works for us so well. It’s concerning how terrible health looks America. How in the world did we stop asking questions & now just blindly following the recommendations of gov entities??

Every think that maybe it isn’t about health at all.....

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