Columbus was a murderer....It’s vital we know REAL history & NOT celebrate it!

Daily mail reports a Detroit teacher wore a “Columbus was a murderer” sweat shirt.

A fifth-grade teacher wanting to shed light on Christopher Columbus for torturing Indigenous People wore a t-shirt to class that read 'Columbus Was a Murderer.' 

Emma Howland-Bolton, a teacher at the Clippert Multicultural Magnet Honors Academy, in Detroit, told WXYZ, 'I wanted to wear this shirt to spark discussion.”

It also sparked plenty of controversy. 

She was asked by a school administration to remove the shirt.

'I was informed that my shirt was my opinion and I countered it with a fact,' Howland-Bolton said.

When Columbus 'discovered' the New World in 1492, millions of people were already inhabiting the Americas. He made four expeditions to the Caribbean and South America over two decades, during that time he murdered, pillaged, raped, enslaved & destroyed local populations. 

That's why there has been a push to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day by cities, states and schools in the U.S. They say its important to move away from glorifying the mistreatment and colonization of Native Americans by Columbus.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District claims the issue first grabbed their attention because the shirt does not follow the official dress code. 

They say sweatshirts are not permitted within their business casual attire. 

Additionally, the the sweatshirt statement was not submitted as part of a pre-approved lesson plan, WXYZ reported.    

Ultimately, Howland-Bolton did not face any discipline.

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