Are you detoxing??

With all the pollutants, food & geo engineered chemicals that get thrown at us on a daily basis, it is so important that we make more of an effort than ever before to purge them out of our bodies. We have an amazing immune, endocrine and nervous system that our Creator didn't forget to bless us with to help facilitate the detoxification process.

However, our amazing bodies can only take so much before we become overloaded with toxins and crash. Here are my top ways that I help my body detox from daily pollution and all the years of damage I did by putting terrible things into my body.

Coffee enemas

Simply put, an enema cleans up the colon and induces bowel movements. The average person may have up to 10 pounds, or more, of non-eliminated waste in the large intestine!

The main job of the colon is to absorb water and nutrients from food and remove waste and toxins. Over the years, the colon walls can become encrusted with non-eliminated waste, making it sluggish and inefficient.

When that happens, you might experience some of the following symptoms:

• Allergies

• Depression

• Headache

• Fatigue

• Loss of appetite

• Inability to concentrate

• Indigestion

• Irritability

• Stomach pains

• Swelling

• Weight problems



• Detoxify and improve glutathione levels

• Ease PMS symptoms, such as cramping and bloating

• Reduce anxiety

• Improve digestion

• Banish Candida

• Boost energy

• Contribute to hormone regulation

• Improve mental clarity and focus

• Reduce chronic pain

• Improve skin health


Kits are available for about $30-$70 on Amazon

Not only does this amazing simple detox help cleanse your body of toxins, it also cleanses your blood, detoxes your liver and kidneys as well as excess estrogen.

Now I wouldn't jump right in and just do them, you need to prep your body and start with distilled water enemas to cleanse your colon. You also need to make sure that you're putting back into your body the proper nutrients and vitamins (The right kind of potassium) in the enema process, some of those do get depleted. You also need to make sure you are juicing daily I would recommend following the Gerson therapy protocol.

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