A better alternative to electrolyte drinks.

Conventional children’s electrolyte drinks are seriously pure poison. These ingredients are synthetic, manmade junk that has no place in our children’s bodies, especially when they’re sick.

They contain:

☠️ Artificial flavors which are linked to cancer, causing some to be banned by the FDA after they’ve already been approved and consumed for decades.

☠️ Sucralose, aka Splenda, is a synthetic sweetener made by chlorinating sugar molecules. It has been shown to greatly disturb gut microflora and is linked to bowel diseases like IBS.

☠️ Artificial colors are linked to hyperactivity and emotional outbursts.

Info Credit: Healthy Families

Here is our personal recipe for an Electrolyte Alternative:

8-10 oz of water

Half of a lemon juiced

Pinch of Celtic salt

Small pinky nail size of magnesium flakes (ancient minerals is my favorite)

It’s that’s simple 😊❤️

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