7 reasons to vaccinate

“Child vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines save lives. The immature immune system is very vulnerable to infectious diseases and a baby’s body needs a little help to get on-line. Like car seats and bicycle helmets, vaccines are preventative medicine at its best. Minimally invasive and crucial to your baby’s best health, vaccinating your child is important. Don’t let any anti-vaxxer on social media or in real life try to convince you otherwise.” - ANY PROVAXXER EVER

A few hours after birth an American baby is given a shot for a sexually transmitted disease; but the hepatitis B vaccine is not routinely given in other countries. Might we be giving too many vaccines too soon? Photo courtesy of RawPixel via Unsplash


7 reasons why child vaccines are the best parenting choice:

1. Child vaccines create enormous profits for Merck and other pharmaceutical companies. In April 2019 the Associated Press announced that Merck’s net income had quadrupled, as vaccines sales soared. In particular the measles outbreaks fueled enormous profits for Merck. The AP article explains:

“Sales of key childhood vaccines, including one that prevents measles, jumped 27% to a total of $496 million. Merck is the only U.S. supplier of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and has increased production amid the country’s worst outbreak since measles was declared eradicated here in 2000.”

In July 2019 Merck smashed Wall Street earnings estimates, in large part due to sales of Gardasil to prevent HPV cancer.

Since we live in a capitalist culture and trickle-down economics has been shown to work, huge earnings for big business benefit us all.

2. Child vaccines often result in brain damage and immune damage. That’s what happened to this toddler, this teen, and this 5-month-old. In fact, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is one of the side effects that the vaccine court will compensate families for, according to vaccine injury lawyers. Brain and immune damage will keep you going back to the doctor for more than just well-baby visits. Sick is the name of the game. All those visits to the doctor for allergic reactions to vaccines, and the vaccine-induced allergies and asthma, Crohn’s disease, type 1 juvenile diabetes, intussusception, and ASD is extremely lucrative for the medical system. In a capitalist economy like ours … See #1.

3. Child vaccines often result in a sick baby, who is limp, lethargic, and miserable. Taking care of a sick child makes you, the parent, feel loved and needed.

4. Child vaccines work better if the baby stops nursing (according to these researchers). So your doctor might recommend you wean the baby early. Since breastfeeding is the single most important way to save lives and protect a baby from a host of health problems (and also has huge lasting benefits for the mom), if you stop breastfeeding early you’ll be taking many more trips to the doctor and dealing with having a sick baby quite often! See #1, #2, and #3…

5. After vaccinating your child, your doctor is likely to recommend using acetaminophen,even though baby Tylenol may actually blunt the immune responseand the use of acetaminophen is correlated with brain damage, lung damage, and even SIDS.

Hooray for more money for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical doctors, and more lost time from work!

6. Child vaccination is the social norm. You X-rayed your feet with aplomb to get the most accurate shoe size, smoked when cigarettes were popular, and believed diethylstilbestrol was safe. It’s important to do what everyone else does and keep up with the Joneses.

7. The life expectancy of a person with autism is 36 years old.Vaccinating your child and giving him acetaminophen (along with antibiotics) is one probable cause of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of cases of autism a year. See #2 and #3. That’s what happened to Hannah Poling. Of course you’d rather a kid with autism than with the flu. Since so much of global climate change is a direct result of overpopulation, our overly aggressive child vaccines really are contributing to the greater good.

Parents, preventative medicine works!

It prevents your baby from having an intact brain and a healthy immune system.

The CDC’s got your family’s back.

So what if they put a bullet in it?

Article by empowered parents

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